Wednesday Night Table

18th March 2020

MIXED “A-B” Points
Take That 214
#Team Wristies 200
King Of The North 156
Kiss My Ace 153
Disfunctionals 152
Ball Slappaz 143
Big Digs 132
Bushies 131
Last Updated: 21/03/2020
MIXED “C” Points
Rebels 222
Sophia 200
Marvel 168
Limp Digs 166
Volley Llamas 162
Setting Ducks 147
Ariana Sande 144
Spike Delight 135
Heroes 114
Sets Offenders 112
Hop Mess 107
Last Updated: 21/03/2020
Last Updated: 01/01/1970
Last Updated: 01/01/1970
MIXED “D” Points
Under Pressure 228
Love At First Spike 226
Stewie Griffin 162
Dunder Mifflin 150
Dwayne The Block Johnson 148
Sets On The Beach 145
Life's A Beach 142
Twenty Twenty 137
Schoolies 126
Cassandra 125
Ambber 123
Awesome Possums 88
Last Updated: 21/03/2020
LADIES "A-B" Point
Purple Nurples 250
Crumbed Sausages 235
Digs Only 230
Comets 177
Sandy Taco's 173
Stormers 169
The Pretenders 154
Sunsetters 136
Spike My Drink 111
Last Updated: 21/03/2020

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Well guys, unfortunately here we are..


As we have said all along we would follow any advice or guidelines from the PM or Australian Government and unfortunately it’s with great sadness we will be closed as of Midday, Monday 23rd March 2020 until we receive further information.


We will seek more information tomorrow and will continue to update you as we learn more, in hopes that we can get through this and re open for you all as soon as possible!


Thank you all for your continued support, we will survive this!


Stay safe everyone.

With love,

The team at Joondalup IBV