Tables for Monday Night

16th March 2020

MIXED “A-B” Points
Notorious D.I.G 185
The Ninja Turtles 180
Unsafe Sets 167
I'd Hit That 148
Twiggy Stix 142
Setting Ducks 126
Sandy Homies 124
Last Updated: 17/03/2020
MIXED "C" Points
We Always Get It Up 198
Smash Bros 175
Sandy J's 173
Things 166
Have A Go 159
XYZ's 140
Snake E Yes 124
Harris Kebab 120
Last Updated: 17/03/2020
MIXED “D” Points
Sheep Stations 201
Stop Block & Roll 186
Hit & Miss 168
Salty Love 167
Smashing Bears 167
Bevan 165
The Little Rascals 159
Emma 150
No Diggity 147
True Blues 143
Last Updated: 17/03/2020
MIXED “E” Points
Vicious & Delicious 193
Steph Up Your Game 160
Public Sets Offenders 159
Kiss My Ace 152
Sets In The City 143
Multi Mix 131
Sandy Vibes 128
Last Updated: 17/03/2020
MENS "A-B" Points
Party 217
The Goats 184
The Embarrassments 183
Benny & The Boys 169
Lazy Crabs 151
Cheese Graters 146
I'd Hit That 2 126
The Dog Shots 122
Too Easy 112
Fellas 109
How I Set Your Mother 100
Straight Off The Couch 94
Last Updated: 17/03/2020

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Well guys, unfortunately here we are..


As we have said all along we would follow any advice or guidelines from the PM or Australian Government and unfortunately it’s with great sadness we will be closed as of Midday, Monday 23rd March 2020 until we receive further information.


We will seek more information tomorrow and will continue to update you as we learn more, in hopes that we can get through this and re open for you all as soon as possible!


Thank you all for your continued support, we will survive this!


Stay safe everyone.

With love,

The team at Joondalup IBV